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     If you are involved in a dispute, we can help. Perhaps you have been sued, or perhaps you have been wronged, and you want to know what your options are: can this be resolved without the need for a lawsuit? And, if I decide to sue, what can I expect. The Law Office of S. Robert Sutton can help. With over 30 years of experience, Stanford educated attorney S. Robert Sutton can answer your questions and can provide you with the type of aggressive, experienced legal representation that you need.

     As an experienced negotiator, Mr. Sutton often can obtain the relief that you desire without the need for a lawsuit. When that is not possible, Mr. Sutton can prosecute or defend your claim in a manner designed to achieve the best possible result. And, perhaps most importantly, Mr. Sutton is known for his personalized service and attention to detail.

     The Law Office of S. Robert Sutton specializes in personal injury, general civil litigation, employment matters, medical malpractice, and wills and powers of attorney.

     Mr. Sutton has more than 30 years of experience in these areas of the law. He has more than 30 years of experience listening to, and helping, individuals and small businesses with problems just like yours. He has consistently maintained an AV rating, the highest possible rating for General Ethical Standards and Professional Ability, and recently was named one of the “Top Lawyers in Maryland“ by Lawyer Media publications. He is ready, willing and able to help you.

     Don't wait. Call today. Legal problems don't resolve themselves. To the contrary, failure to obtain legal advice promptly can prove very costly. Insurance companies, opposing counsel, and opposing parties will jump at the opportunity to take advantage of the unrepresented. So call today for a free initial consultation. The sooner we are on your side, the sooner we can help you. 301-244-8744.

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