Select A Great Lawyer
     "I have been a client of attorney Robert Sutton for over ten years. Mr. Sutton devotes the time and energy that is necessary to understand the issues presented, and what is required to move your case forward. Mr. Sutton is a compassionate lawyer, a people person that will use every resource available to get the proper outcome for you. He displays in his writings and presentation an outstanding understanding of the laws, policies and regulations that impact the issues, problems and concerns that I have presented to him over the last ten years. To be a great lawyer you must first have outstanding character, strong ethics, and trust and reflect a believable concern for your client. Robert Sutton has these attributes, and for these reasons he will continue to be my lawyer."

-James G. Barnes, D.P.A.
Warm regards
     "During the time when Robert represented me on a very delicate and complex legal matter, he demonstrated a total grasp of the issues, patience and confidence in attending to the matter. His dedicated attention to detail,comprehensive knowledge of securities law and procedures will ensure a solid and growing practice as he embarks on this major career move. Accordingly, I want to thank him and wish him continued good luck."

-Warm regards, Thomas Volpe
     "Robert Sutton has represented my wife and me for the past 5 years on an ongoing complex legal matter. He has been extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, informative and reassuring during the stressful matter. I would confidently and without hesitation recommend Robert to anyone considering retaining him as an attorney. He is an attorney you can trust to remain committed and loyal to his clients."

-Mr. and Mrs. W
Thankful Client
     "S. Robert Sutton represented me very effectively over a number of years in connection with a conflict with a former employer, whose HR department, he proved, had rushed to judgment against me in response to a complaint. His investigation of the complaint, involving a painstakingly careful series of interviews, demonstrated that the HR department's treatment of the matter was so hasty and superficial as to come to a manifestly inaccurate decision. Mr. Sutton's patient and imaginatively determinate negotiating skills were then crucial to crafting a settlement far more beneficial to my interests than anything I could have foreseen at the beginning of the process. I will always be thankful that I had such an excellent attorney!"

-R.M., Washington, D.C.
Satisfied Client
     "Robert Sutton and I met more than 20 years ago. My employer at the time (a defense contractor) was charged with defrauding the government and I was subpoenaed to testify to a federal grand jury. It was a difficult situation for me as my employer made it clear they would retaliate if I did so. I retained Robert to help me through the whole complex and difficult process. I found him to be a thoughtful listener, skillful attorney and prudent advisor throughout the entire matter. He did such a good job that in the end, my employer actually paid my legal fees. A few years later when an associate of mine found himself in an ethically challenging position with his employer, I recommended Robert without hesitation and my associate was very pleased with Robert's knowledgeable advice and wise counsel. Robert truly cares about his clients and that is why we have stayed in touch all these years."

-Robert S Montgomery, Jr.
Binghamton, NY
     "Robert Sutton has represented me on a difficult federal case for the past eight years. He has handled my case with great attention to detail and sensitivity. The case has called for interviews with the FBI and the Department of Justice, and Robert was able to prepare me for these difficult sessions so that I was able to provide suitable answers to all questions and to do so truthfully and properly. Robert has explained with great clarity the many complex processes that the case involves, including several pre-trial sessions. My case is ongoing as of this writing, and I continue to have full trust in Robert's abilities as a excellent counselor for me in this case."


     "My professional association with Mr. Robert Sutton began in the later years of my mother's life. Mr. Sutton, while with his former firm, was given the not so easy job of helping manage my mother's affairs. I worked off and on on this difficult job both with Mr. Sutton and, of course, with my mother.
     When my mother passed away in 2001, Mr. Sutton had been named executor of her extremely complex will. It was not easy, but Mr. Sutton guided us through the process until the last "t" had been crossed and the last "i" had received its dot.
     When my own attorney retired shortly after, I asked Mr. Sutton if he would continue on as my advocate and he readily agreed. While I have not had a complicated legal life, I rely on Mr. Sutton as a second eye on my financial life. I did have a personal injury problem with an airline and Mr. Sutton guided me through that ugly process until he achieved what we deemed was a fair settlement. As well. Mr. Sutton is named as an executor in my own will.
     As the son of an over achieving, very successful and well respected lawyer, I have always been comfortable and felt generally safer having a legal presence to whom I can turn when necessary. I have readily followed Mr. Sutton to his new venture and still rely on him to "watch my back".

-David G. Bress, Jr.